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PROMOTING YOUR NGOStarting an NGO can be a tough job especially for newbies. From creating your Board of Trustees, to selecting your target donors, it’s no easy job.  One way to keep you ahead is by introducing yourRead More >>
3 ways on how to de-clutter your office deskYou wonder, “where did all these come from?” while you scratch your head and looking at those piles of papers, letters, documents, and notes stacked on top of your office desk. “Where are my staRead More >>
7 Stress Busters: creative and easy activities for your teamSometimes it may seem like your office is breathing in a toxic atmosphere filled with stress: your team members are seriously working on their desks with their eyebrows tensed, shrugged shoulders, andRead More >>

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NGO:PH is run by Akubo, a Filipino software company that provides a database platform for nonprofits and organizations worldwide since 2008.