3 ways on how to de-clutter your office desk

You wonder, “where did all these come from?” while you scratch your head and looking at those piles of papers, letters, documents, and notes stacked on top of your office desk. “Where are my staple wires?” and you keep on shoving those items on your desk for 20 minutes now.

Well, you are not alone. Whether you are working in your own cubicle, or your office home, your desk gets unfortunately cluttered at times, and it lessens your effectivity. That’s why we have three points for you to de-clutter your office desk!


For keeps or trash?

Sort out all the items on top of your desk into two groups: 1) For Keeps, 2) For Trash. I know, I know, it is sometimes hard to let go of the things which you feel that “I might need this someday” and you end up putting more stuff in your For-Keeps box. But believe me, you will forget all about it very soon! So have the courage to put them into the For-Trash box. When in doubt, throw it out!

Those business cards, invitations, receipts and notes must be grouped into one and you can store them digitally, and get rid of the hard copies. You may as well scan some of the documents and keep it in your computer.

Remember that the items that are not essential should not be there at all!


Keep it inside

When I say keep it inside, it literally means keep it inside your drawer! Even if you are tempted to display that cute pink stapler or scissor that you bought in the bookstore few days ago. Keep all your office supplies like pens, paper cutter, stapler, and sticky notes out of your sight. In this way, you will be less distracted when you sit in front of your desk. Plus, you know where to find your stuff when you need it.

Some would also keep inside their drawers the documents that they will be working on later, with proper labels. If they are ready to work on another document, then they take it out. You will surely be amazed on how focused you will become when you have a clear table.

What I keep on top of my desk are these 4 items: laptop, phone, a small plant, and a cup of coffee!DSC_0091


Get it done

You went out for a coffee break and when you came back to your cubicle, there are some papers that your officemates placed on your desk. You went through them and you see that some of it requires a 5-10-minute attention. Then don’t be quick to place them inside your drawer, but get it done right away. This would minimize the things that you have to deal with later.


Now, it’s time to liberate yourself from distraction and start de-cluttering your office desk today!



written by: Kareen Defensor

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