7 Stress Busters: creative and easy activities for your team

Sometimes it may seem like your office is breathing in a toxic atmosphere filled with stress: your team members are seriously working on their desks with their eyebrows tensed, shrugged shoulders, and simultaneous clicking sound of the keyboard and mouse. C’mon, give them a break!

If you can’t afford a long break, just let them pause for a while and do these quick and easy stress busters we have for you:


Squeeze it away

Provide cheap stress ball for each of your team members. I am pretty sure they would love it. Who will not be tempted to squeeze a stress ball lying on a desk anyway?

By squeezing the ball, muscles in your hand and wrist activates; upon releasing your grip, it relaxes your muscles. Repetitively doing the grip and release pattern immediately eases your stress and tension. That little ball does not only release stress but also strengthens the muscles and prevent repetitive strain injury, carpal tunnel syndrome and other hand-and-wrist problems!


Short walk

It doesn’t take much if altogether you ask your team members to get up from their office chair and take 30-50 steps around the office (if your office has enough space for that) or slip out the door and let them clear out their head for a minute-or-two walk.


Deep breaths

Increased stress in meeting up with some deadlines on your desk can strain your muscles and prevent you from taking in enough oxygen in your body, strange shoulder cramps creeps up on you, your heart is pounding, and your neck feels stiff. Hey! You gotta breathe!

Compel all your team members to participate in a one minute deep breathing session in your small office. Well, when we say compel, it’s as if they have no choice. But by doing so, you help them reduce muscle stress, reframe their current situation, lift their mood, and get them a positive outlook.



It’s not just an old saying, laughter is the best medicine, but there is truth to that. Perhaps in the middle of a workday inside the office you could show a few clips of Just for Laughs pranks in the common monitor and let your team laugh out loud for a while. A stress buster does not need to take an hour, a few comedy video clips can actually do it for you!



Just a minute-or-two activity which makes use of a post-it size paper and let your team members write or scribble away the things that stresses them at the very moment. While scribbling in a paper reduces stress, it helps your team clarify their thoughts and give them a clear head start to resume their tasks.


Stretch that neck

When you see your team at the verge of meeting the deadline for a huge task, let them get up altogether and have them slowly rotate their neck clockwise in 4 counts and vice-versa for another 4 counts. See, all you need is eight counts to get the pile of stress off of your team!


Reward with a walnut

“Walnuts and walnut oil reduce blood pressure during stress,” Sheila G. West, PhD, a study author from Pennsylvania State University, said.

A can of walnut in the pantry (or if that’s a little pricey, your can have any kind of nuts) which is free-for-all would be a great way to make a less stressed team members.



Stress busting activities cannot only be achieved through a long weekend get-away in an island or resort. You can have it in a short but enjoyable and effective ways like these. Try it in your team office today!

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