Asilo de Molo: Home Sweet Home

“Some of these elders were left in the streets, some were psychologically-ill when we found them, and some just doesn’t have someone to take care of them. So we provide them home.”

Asilo de Molo is under the care of the Sisters of the Daughters of Charity for 99 years now. It is located at North Fundidor, Molo, Iloilo City. It has been founded on July 8, 1934 and until now, it has been fulfilling its mission to provide integrated assistance to older persons, impoverished children, youth and families through its sustainable programs and services.



It was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as a non-stock, non-profit corporation on September 13, 1993 and now operating as Asilo de Molo, Inc.


The Filipino family has a built-in system of old age support a bilateral extended close-knit family as the primary caregiver; however, this built-in expected system of old age support characterized by human resource is eroding. Being aware of this reality, Asilo keeps the hopes strong for all poor older persons who have been abandoned, neglected and rejected by their families and relatives.

“Today we have 43 old persons under our care.” Meisha, one of the volunteers said.


There are cluster homes in Asilo, each one of them establishes a family atmosphere for life giving relationships. Being registered and accredited with DSWD, the cause of Asilo in providing shelter and care for the elderly is supported by DSWD. The basic needs, and other supportive care services toward building a human and Christian community is sustained through the donations, and benefactors.

The Sisters also help the elderly in their religious and spiritual activities through daily Mass and weekly basic ecclesial communities’ session.

“We have different kinds of elderly here, we have the religious, some timid, some are loud, and some who are psychologically-ill have distinct care towards their fellow. When visitors drop by to sponsor for their snacks, the elders include them in their daily prayers”




Priority is also given to the health and nutrition of every old person in Asilo where the food preparation is supervised by a Sister. Their medical services is technically directed by another Sister-in-Charge who is a nurse in coordination with a volunteer physician.

Asilo also has psycho-social intervention which includes counselling and other professional intervention services to enhance the coping capabilities and potentials of older persons. There is a team composed of various unit heads who coordinate with one another and work, together on the healing, recovery and social re-integration of the older persons.

Up to this day, Asilo de Molo continues to be a home sweet home.


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