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Give is equal to Joy

Give is an action word Since we were toddlers, our elders taught how to do this. I remembered how we trained our younger sister this way: when she is eating, we tell her “give” then she extends her hand and offers her food. Now that’s how the dictionary defines it as freely transferring the possession of (something) […]

3 ways on how to de-clutter your office desk

You wonder, “where did all these come from?” while you scratch your head and looking at those piles of papers, letters, documents, and notes stacked on top of your office desk. “Where are my staple wires?” and you keep on shoving those items on your desk for 20 minutes now. Well, you are not alone. […]

Benigno Ninoy Aquino Jr.

In commemoration of his death exactly thirty-two years ago, I would like to share some empowering parts of the speech that Ninoy Aquino had planned to deliver upon his return to the Philippines on August 21, 1983. The speech was not given a voice, was forced to remain undelivered after a bullet was planted in […]

DSWD Registration Process

7 Stress Busters: creative and easy activities for your team

Sometimes it may seem like your office is breathing in a toxic atmosphere filled with stress: your team members are seriously working on their desks with their eyebrows tensed, shrugged shoulders, and simultaneous clicking sound of the keyboard and mouse. C’mon, give them a break! If you can’t afford a long break, just let them […]

Teach them how to fish

Finally, you have implemented the programs and services of your non-profit organization. Your intention to help your beneficiaries is pure, but how long can you do the things that they can actually learn to do for themselves? Maybe it’s time to teach them how to fish – how to be self-reliant. Believe  Before you can […]

FAQs on DSWD Registration of non-profit organizations

Are there types of NGOs that are “required” to register with the DSWD?  If “yes”, are there penalties for not registering with the DSWD? Yes, NGOs required to register with Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) are those who are identified as Social Welfare Development Agency (SWDA). An SWDA is an NGO that provides supportive activities […]

Creative Ways to Raise Funds

Benefit dinners, fun runs, facebook campaigns: We see at least one of these take place almost every month. Your organization most likely has hosted one such activity too. There’s a reason why these kinds of fundraisers are popular, but someone who’s well-immersed in charity might want to experience something new once in a while. Here, […]

Asilo de Molo: Home Sweet Home

“Some of these elders were left in the streets, some were psychologically-ill when we found them, and some just doesn’t have someone to take care of them. So we provide them home.” Asilo de Molo is under the care of the Sisters of the Daughters of Charity for 99 years now. It is located at […]

The 5C’s on How Social Media can work for your NGO (Part II)

Create visuals One point that we would like nonprofits would develop about their social media is knowing that it is vital to have a visual focus when presenting your content. For people who browse their social media accounts, it is easy to get overwhelmed with organizations sharing content on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc that highlights […]