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LEARNING SESSION: Developing a Finance Manual for an Effective Financial Management

Warm greetings!    The Fundraisers’ Network for Development (FuND Philippines) is staging a LEARNING SESSION:  Developing a Finance Manual for an Effective Financial Management.  We are inviting your organization to be with us on this activity.    The LEARNING SESSION shall be on Wednesday, 31 July 2019 from 9:00am – 6:00pm at the 11th floor, Aurora Tower, Gen. Malvar Avenue, Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City. […]


Kalipay   Negrense   Foundation   is   a   non‐profit   organization   working   for   the   causes   of   disadvantaged  children  –  the  homeless,  physically  and  sexually  abused,  malnourished,  out  of   school  and  special  children. The  Foundation’s  main  goal  is  managing  homes/shelters  and  to  support  communities  wherein   the   needs   and   rights   of   the   disadvantaged   children   are   protected   and   are   empowered   for   growth. […]

The One-Million-Peso Requirement

We’ve received some emails from readers lately, and this time, we’d like to thank Michelle Roddy, a missionary who regularly travels to Manila. Michelle had a query about a particular Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)-registration requirement for foundations: The notarized Certificate of Bank Deposit of not less than 1 million pesos. It’s a question often […]

Accepting donations via PayPal

Donations are a big part of an NGO. So in order to accept them from people and patrons across the world, we usually turn to online payment services – like PayPal, whose integrations on different platforms makes it one of the most widely used services today. Opening a personal online payment account is easy. However, […]

CFSPI: Your Home Away from Home

Christmas — and summer break — is fast approaching, and Baguio City may well be in your getaway plan. Baguio City, located in the Cordillera region, has average temperatures from 15°C-26°C – the coldest place to be during a hot summer’s day. Its temperature can go as low as 8°C from December to early February […]

Fundraising through organizing special events

There are many fundraising strategies that your organization can do to raise money: direct mail, coin collection, corporate partnerships, earned income, special events. For now, let’s focus on the latter. Special events are public occasions for an organization to mainly do 4 things—raise money, raise awareness on your cause, improve group cohesiveness, and offer something […]

The Abolishment of the PDAF and its Effect on NGOs

The abolishment of the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) in the 2014 Philippine budget certainly looks like a big loss to NGOs around the country, as they can no longer get funds from their political sponsors. In the past years, around 70 million pesos was allocated each year for every member of the House of […]

Is your tax exemption certificate revalidated yet?

Most non-stock organizations and nonprofits enjoy tax exemption benefits, and they only have to apply for it once. Since July this year, however, the BIR turned things around: non-stock corporations and nonprofits in the country must now re-apply to revalidate their tax exemption certificates. This includes those organizations that have been issued such certificate prior to […]

NGO Registration, in a nutshell

To register at the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), an NGO needs 4 copies of the following: 1. a notarized bank deposit certification of not less than Php1,000,000 (Php 1 million) 2. a statement of willingess to be audited by the SEC 3. a Name Verification Slip (get one from the SEC website or […]