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Starting an NGO can be a tough job especially for newbies. From creating your Board of Trustees, to selecting your target donors, it’s no easy job.  One way to keep you ahead is by introducing your organization to the public. Here are some simple ways to promote your NGO: Social Media Let’s admit it, social […]

3 ways on how to de-clutter your office desk

You wonder, “where did all these come from?” while you scratch your head and looking at those piles of papers, letters, documents, and notes stacked on top of your office desk. “Where are my staple wires?” and you keep on shoving those items on your desk for 20 minutes now. Well, you are not alone. […]

7 Stress Busters: creative and easy activities for your team

Sometimes it may seem like your office is breathing in a toxic atmosphere filled with stress: your team members are seriously working on their desks with their eyebrows tensed, shrugged shoulders, and simultaneous clicking sound of the keyboard and mouse. C’mon, give them a break! If you can’t afford a long break, just let them […]

Teach them how to fish

Finally, you have implemented the programs and services of your non-profit organization. Your intention to help your beneficiaries is pure, but how long can you do the things that they can actually learn to do for themselves? Maybe it’s time to teach them how to fish – how to be self-reliant. Believe  Before you can […]

Accepting donations via PayPal

Donations are a big part of an NGO. So in order to accept them from people and patrons across the world, we usually turn to online payment services – like PayPal, whose integrations on different platforms makes it one of the most widely used services today. Opening a personal online payment account is easy. However, […]

Fundraising through organizing special events

There are many fundraising strategies that your organization can do to raise money: direct mail, coin collection, corporate partnerships, earned income, special events. For now, let’s focus on the latter. Special events are public occasions for an organization to mainly do 4 things—raise money, raise awareness on your cause, improve group cohesiveness, and offer something […]