Creative Ways to Raise Funds

Benefit dinners, fun runs, facebook campaigns: We see at least one of these take place almost every month. Your organization most likely has hosted one such activity too. There’s a reason why these kinds of fundraisers are popular, but someone who’s well-immersed in charity might want to experience something new once in a while. Here, we have a few suggestions you can try out!


Go jump high!

Somaly Mam Foundation’s 18-for-18 campaign took off when they get the fundraiser’s commit to take the highest 18,000 feet skydive to help raise $18,000 for their programs. This foundation helped liberate victims of human slavery, provide rehabilitation and housing services, and empower victims of human trafficking and sexual slavery to become agents of positive change specifically Southeast Asia. The fundraiser was able to gather more than $38,000, more than their $20,000 target.

The challenge was simple, but bold. In this way, the donors are more interested in giving because they are thrilled to see the fundraiser doing a great challenge. Who would not be thrilled with 18,000 feet skydive anyway?


Go for a barbecue party

Instead of expensive cocktail parties in expensive hotels, go for a simpler event that would cost you less and show that your funds go more to causes than event decorations. Many volunteers would be willing to offer their nice backyard, or even a punong (fish pond) or a farm ranch, as a place to hold your barbecue party. Create some cozy atmosphere with some bonfire or simple camp activities for your donors.

While this works for a huge budget-saving activity, you also have to make sure that your donors are willing to be in your desired theme.


Go roll the sleeves

This is a classic donor-engaged activity where you combine volunteerism and fundraising in one event. For some NGOs who focus on building shelters or classrooms, this is the best time to roll the sleeves of volunteers who would like to pay for a certain role to take in the building process.

When you get around 10 volunteers who are willing to pay for P500 each to be in the construction team, or 15 volunteers who would like to donate P1000 each to be in the paint team, some would like to pay P1500 to be in the water station team, or you may also have one volunteer to donate P5000 to become the foreman of the day, this will greatly work for you and the donors. Some donors are always willing to be involved in the hands-on work for the organization that they are helping.

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