FAQs on DSWD Registration of non-profit organizations

Are there types of NGOs that are “required” to register with the DSWD?  If “yes”, are there penalties for not registering with the DSWD?

Yes, NGOs required to register with Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) are those who are identified as Social Welfare Development Agency (SWDA). An SWDA is an NGO that provides supportive activities for the welfare and development of the disadvantaged sectors.

Supportive activities include those that (1) provide leadership, membership (2) provide tangibles such as food, clothing, shelter, medicines; or provide intangibles such as knowledge, skills, hope, courage.

Examples of SWDA are Peoples Organization like federation of senior citizens, youth organization/s or association/s of women and children or persons with disabilities, those that provide shelter like Asilo de Molo Inc, and  other coalition or alliances which has a goal in promoting social protection.

All private SWDAs operating without a registration shall be given a period of one year to apply for registration. Non-compliance shall be reported by the concerned DSWD Office to Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), who provide juridical personality to an NGO, for appropriate action.


What are the steps in registering with the DSWD?

STEP 1.     Application

        • The NGO shall initiate their own application for registration  with DSWD
        • Application letter together with the accomplished information sheet and complete requirements shall be filed in two copies at the concerned DSWD office. This should be done by the duly authorized representative. 
        • Payment for the required processing fee at the DSWD Finance Service Unit for the issuance of an official receipt.
        • The staff of the DSWD Office shall review, assess the completeness of the required documents and acknowledge the application within five working days upon receipt of application. (Notice of 1 day assessment or validation visit to the NGO’s site or office will be conducted by DSWD)

STEP 2.     Assessment

        • DSWD shall conduct the one-day assessment/validation visit. This may include (1) Ocular visit of NGO’s office, (2) Project sites and interview with agency board, Executive Director, key staff, and beneficiaries.
        • If the NGO passed the assessment, the DSWD shall prepare the assessment and confirmation reports within 15 working days after the visit. Otherwise, DSWD shall indicate the reasons for disapproval, and include the plan of action.

STEP 3.     Issuance of Registration Certificate

STEP 4.     Monitoring and technical assistance


How much does registration cost?

DSWD shall charge and collect  P 1000 as processing fee for registration


How long is the registration active for?

For an SWDA already in operation when it applied for registration, the validity of Certificate of registration is 3 years.


Are there yearly requirements to keep our registration active in DSWD?

Yes, DSWD requires submission of annual accomplishment reports and audited financial statements for every registered SWDA.

Failure to submit annual reports and audited financial statements for two (2) consecutive years shall result to delisting from the registry and suspension of certificate of registration.


How do I renew my registration? What are the requirements?

The SWDA shall apply for renewal of the Registration Certificate to the concerned DSWD Office following the same requirements and procedure as in applying for registration. Application for renewal should be made within sixty (60) working days before the date of expiration of the Certificate of Registration.

Non-renewal after 2 consecutive notifications and monitoring visits shall be referred for appropriate action.


What benefits does our NGO get if we register with DSWD?

Your DSWD registration will enable the (1) inclusion of your NGO in the DSWD’s Registry of Registered, Licensed and/or Accredited SWDAs. (2) technical Assistance from the DSWD on programs and services implementation.(3) Participation in DSWD’s capability building and skills enhancement and (4) Other benefits and privileges provided from time to time by DSWD





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