Give is equal to Joy

Give is an action word

Since we were toddlers, our elders taught how to do this. I remembered how we trained our younger sister this way: when she is eating, we tell her "give" then she extends her hand and offers her food. Now that's how the dictionary defines it as freely transferring the possession of (something) to (someone). Sometimes, she hesitated in giving, especially when its her favorite food - marshmallows. Who would want to give her favorite marshmallows anyway? Giving is an action word which entails physical movement. Our extremities move upon the command of the brain, so we act upon our will and freedom.

Receiving a gift really feels good, we should admit it. I, too, like to receive several boxes of presents on Christmas or on my birthday, but this happiness stays temporarily. Our nature sometimes becomes inclined to focusing on our own desires, thus we seek for more. When we give, the act of willfully handing over a thing to someone who needs it most creates a indescribable feeling of satisfaction that creeps from the warmth of the hands of your receiver to your arms, heart, and speeding to your spine, reaching every single part of your body.

Reason for giving

The precious smile from their face. This kid was one of the beneficiaries during our Yolanda relief operations in Capiz. We distributed relief goods to the head of each affected family. I had some packs of lollipop in my bag thinking my classmates in the bus would be happy if we have something to eat on our way home, but I saw the children of these families lost their slippers, some even wore torn clothes, so I thought it would be nice to give those lollipops to them. If you were there with me, there's no reason for you not to be moved because of the genuine smiles in their faces. I remembered how they altogether embraced me while they held on those little candies in their hands. What shook my heart was this little boy who came to me and asked me to lean because he wants to whisper something in my ear, so I did. He gently said, "Salamat guid tita, uyon ko bala ni ang lollipop" (Thank you tita, I really like lollipops),  tears flooded my eyes and I cant help but to hug him tight while I cried. It didn't came to me that those little candies are like huge boxes of gifts under a Christmas tree for them, until that one little boy made me realize that.

The inner sense of fulfillment has no price. No one can take it away from you. You discover more of yourself when you give to the needy. You become more grateful and happy. Robert Emmons, a leading scientist expert in gratitude, have concluded that people who are grateful exhibits stronger immune system, higher levels of positive emotions, and they feel less lonely and more outgoing.

What would you give?

Giving is not exclusive for material things. There are a thousand abstract things that you can give to your neighbor.

  • You can give time, by volunteering to the different NGOs in relief operations, medical missions, or collecting donations for a foundation.
  • You can give comfort through listening to someone who is undergoing some difficult time. Lend your shoulder to a friend who needs to cry out all the pain.
  • You can give a brighter day to an office mate through your smile. Even through a gentle “good morning” when you meet them in the lobby.
  • You can give hope through encouraging words to those who have lost a loved one, or through a warm embrace.

You can give today!

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