How to Start an NGO

You’ll need more than just money and a genuine desire to help others if you plan to start an NGO. You’ll be filling up paper work, meeting new people, keeping track of financial reports, paying fees, planning budget proposals, and organizing projects. It’s a long journey. So make sure that running an NGO is what you really want to do.

Here we give you a step-by-step guide about the ABCs of starting your own NGO, divided into five sections:

I. THE BASICS. A list of essential questions that you need to ask yourself first.

II. ORGANIZE. What you’ll have to do once your team is ready and confirmed.

III. PREPARE YOUR DOCUMENTS. The first set of paperwork any organization needs.

IV. REGISTRATION, ACCREDITATION and LICENSING. All NGOs must be registered at the Philippine SEC. NGOs under social welfare are encouraged to be registered and accredited with DSWD. You may also need to be accredited/certified by PCNC if you would like to avail of maximum tax benefits.