Starting an NGO can be a tough job especially for newbies. From creating your Board of Trustees, to selecting your target donors, it’s no easy job.  One way to keep you ahead is by introducing your organization to the public.
Here are some simple ways to promote your NGO:

Social Media

Let’s admit it, social media platforms have been a big help in sharing news and promoting online, without spending much. The way you present your profiles online makes a huge difference to your target audience and donors. Share your vision/mission and activities online to tell them what your team is passionate about. Make your group/organization visible online to gain popularity!

Word of Mouth Marketing

Old but Gold. Spreading awareness about your NGO with your friends, relatives and colleagues is one old but effective way of promoting your NGO. You could also recruit others to join as volunteers for them to personally get to know the organization.


One way to introduce your organization to the public is by holding such events like auctions or fundraising events. Not only the organization benefits through it, but it is also one way to make known your NGO’s purpose and goals to the public. If your org’s goal is to help make a livelihood program to the underprivileged and unemployed, setting up a fundraising project by selling their handmade products would be the best idea.

As hard as it might be when starting off, the fulfillment you get to have upon seeing the result of your hard work is incomparable.

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