Requirements for DSWD Accreditation


*    Accomplished application form;

* Manual of Operations containing the SWDAs program and administrative policies, procedures and strategies to attain it purpose(s) among others; (here’s the guide on how to prepare your Manual of Operations)

*    Profile of governing board or its equivalent;

*    Profile of employees;

*    Work and financial plan for the succeeding two (2) years;

*   Audited Financial Statement for the previous two (2) consecutive years by a Certified Public Accountant (if private SWDAs) or Government Accountant Officer (if DSWD or LGU);

*    Accomplishment reports covering the period of two (2) years prior to the assessment;

*   Profile of clients served/caseload inventory for the preceding and current year;

*   Valid Building structural safety certificates, fire safety and water sanitation permit or water potability certificates from the respective City/Municipal Engineering Department, Bureau of Fire Department and

*   Health Office, respectively (for residential care facilities and community center based facilities); and

*   Valid copy of missionary visa for each volunteer or working visa for each paid staff of SWA with foreign national board member(s) and/or employee(s).