The Philippine Council for NGO Certification (PCNC) is the body that certifies/accredits non-profit organizations that meet the established criteria for financial management and accountability. An NGO that has operated for at least two years is usually eligible for accreditation.

STEP 17. Fill up and submit the Letter of Intent form.
(Download form)
Once the PCNC receives this, you will be asked to submit several forms.

STEP 18. Fill up the Application for Accreditation as a Donee Institution.

STEP 19. Fill up the Survey Form.

STEP 20. Submit 4 folders, containing a copy of each form, and a down payment of Php 1,000.
Send these to:
The Executive Director
Philippine Council for NGO Certification, Inc.
6th Floor, SCC Bldg., CFA-MA Compound
4427 Interior Old Sta. Mesa, 1016 Manila

Notes: You can download all necessary forms from the PCNC website.
PCNC accreditation currently costs Php10,000.

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