Every organization has its corporate documents. You’ll need these when you apply for registration, certification, etc. Have them either typewritten or computer-printed. Make copies of each document to keep in file.

STEP 9. Write the Articles of Incorporation.

The Articles of Incorporation are your corporate document that contains basic information about your NGO. See this page to know more about how to write one. (Note: Any corrections in the articles of incorporation should be duly notarized before filing for SEC registration.)

STEP 10. Draft the By-Laws.
Bylaws contains the rules and the procedures for your meetings, elections of officers, etc. See this page to know more about how to draft your own by-laws.

STEP 11. Prepare a list of members, and another list of contributors and/or donors.
Include the date of birth, specific address, and Tax Identification Number (TIN) of each member.

(Note: Majority of the members must be residents of the Philippines.)

STEP 12. Prepare the Minutes of the Organizational Meeting.
The organizational meeting is usually the first formal meeting of the Board of Directors. It is often during the organizational meeting where the articles of incorporation and bylaws are approved and signed, and decisions are made about electing or appointing officers.

(Note: The articles of incorporation and bylaws should be signed on the same date.)

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