Start your NGO: SEC Registration

An NGO must be registered first at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and to be registered, you’ll need some more documents.

STEP 13. Prepare the following documents accordingly (according to the official SEC website):

If you intend to register as a foundation, prepare a notarized certificate of bank deposit not less than Php1,000,000 (one million)*, and a statement of willingness to allow the SEC to conduct an audit. You are also expected to include the word “foundation” in your official organization name.

For religious groupsrefer to Sections 109-116 of the Corporation Code of the Philippines, and include an affidavit of verification by the chief priest, rabbi, minister, or presiding elder.

For federations, submit a certified list of member-associations.

For condominium associations, submit your Master Deed, and certification that there is no other existing similar association in the condo project.

STEP 14. Secure a Name Verification Slip.

You can get one from the SEC website or from the SEC Name Verification Unit.

STEP 15. Write an affidavit of an incorporator or Director undertaking to change the corporate name.
If this wasn’t included in your Articles of Incorporation, have an affidavit ready. This affidavit is necessary in case the SEC receives notice that another corporation or person has acquired a prior right to the use of your NGO’s name, or that name has been declared misleading or confusingly similar to a registered name.

STEP 16. Submit 4 copies (with cover sheets) of each document for SEC registration.
In summary, these documents are: (1) the Articles of Incorporation, (2) By-Laws, (3) Name verification slip, (4) Affidavit, (5) List of members, (6) List of donors/contributors, (7) Notarized bank deposit certification, and (8) Statement of willingness to allow an audit.

Note: An NGO’s registration papers also includes an endorsement from a government agency that corresponds to its purpose: charitable institutions must obtain endorsement from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD); educational institutions must be endorsed by the Department of Education (DepEd), the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), and/or the Technical Education Skills and Development Authority (TESDA); and hospitals must get endorsement from the Department of Health (DOH).

* Many have question the Php1M bank deposit requirement for foundations. Apparently this is for security purposes, as foundations are expected to use these funds to extend grants, etc.

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