Start your NGO: THE BASICS

Before you start the paperwork or recruit members, the first thing to do in starting an NGO is this: ask yourself some basic questions. You need to have a clear idea about what you really want to do. Try to answer these questions in a single statement:

STEP 1. What is the purpose of this NGO?

Why do you want to set up an NGO?

STEP 2. Who are your beneficiaries?
Think about who will benefit from your NGO. Will you cater to children who can’t afford to attend school, or women who are constantly battered by their husbands or partners, or aspiring entrepreneurs who need financial guidance, etc?

STEP 3. Do you have a planned Board of Directors?
The Board members must be of legal age, and the number of members must not be less than 5, and not more than 15.

STEP 4. When and where do you plan to establish this NGO?

What to do next » Organize your team