Start your own NGO (short ver.)

When you plan to set up an NGO, there’s usually a process that you have to go through: from making sure that you and your soon-to-be co-workers work with a united mission, to actually running the organization and having your projects implemented. Here we give you the short-version guide on how to start your own NGO:

Step 1

1. The Basics

Before you get started, test the waters. See what you are about to go through and estimate the possibilities that might happen. State your purpose, who you will work with and what do you aim for. Having these as your starting point will help you see your path clearer.

Step 2

2. Organize

You have to get it together. State your mission and vision. Gather your board members and choose a name. Set a clear and achievable goal for your NGO. A plan of action is your chance to make it effective. Address any potential negative impacts and your NGO attractive to donors and volunteers.

Step 3

3. Get your documents ready

This is where your black and white texts go. Your copyrights, By Laws, list of members, contributors and donors. The article of your company is also needed to have a brief description on your NGO is.

Step 4

4. Registration

You need your NGO to be enrolled in SEC (Security and Exchange Commission) in order to have verification for your company name and reserving it with security.

Step 5

5. Accreditation

Yes, you’re almost done! You need a PCNC (Philippine Council for NGO Certification) accreditation to give you that boost of credibility to your NGO. Get the requirements needed and get them in action! Your credibility matters.

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